THEBES project

Project THEBES investigates the behaviour of swelling clay barriers. In particular, the project will characterise bentonite which is going to be used for creating engineering barriers in spent nuclear fuel repositories in Finland. These investigations will be connected to constitutive modelling of this material as well as simulation of practical cases useful in risk assessment and design of such repositories.

The project consortium involves 4 partners: two universities (Aalto and Jyväskylä) as well as VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Numerola Oy. To achieve the project goals, they will cooperate with world-leading international institutions with multiple years of expertise regarding nuclear waste storage, experimental research, simulations of swelling clay barriers, numerical methods and constitutive modelling.

The project is funded via Finnish Research Programme on Nuclear Waste Management (KYT).


NOTE: The 2018 presentation of the annual THEBES seminar available

The 2018 presentation of the annual THEBES seminar, given by Dr João Mendes, Northumbria University, entitled "Measurement of soil suction and determination of the air entry value of soils from pore size distribution" is now available for download.




Photo © James G. Howes, January, 1987

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